Maximize Revenue Potential With O2O

Digital is the only constant unstopped by Covid-19. 
Merge your online and offline or O2O channels to provide a seamless shopping experience. Aillia provides an integrated O2O app solution for your loyalty programme and eCommerce store. Gain access to beautiful mobile app and CRM with powerful insights and personalised engagement for your customers.

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Powerful features for an unparalleled experience

Discover what you can do with incredible ease.

Mobile-First Design

Never let another campaign or promotion go to waste on your O2O loyalty and ecommerce app with built-in UI features tested through mobile best practices. Responsive infinite scrolling, face and touch ID unlock, complete with beautiful UI design.


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Ecommerce Retail

Convert in-store customers to your O2O loyalty app, and drive ecommerce lurkers into your physical stores for real-life interactions. Creating brand experiences consistently across channels not only enhances the brand image, boosts customer confidence and loyalty, but also helps your staff to save time on the nitty-gritty and direct all effort towards maximising sales.

Aillia provides an intuitive mobile-first experience, integrated app for Shopify and Magento. It is built to easily merge with your existing CRM, retail POS systems, ecommerce store, and more. Optimise and fortify all existing links of the chain for unparalleled sales and revenue potential.  

Increased Revenue Potential

Personalised Engagement

Having consolidated data translates to a holistic view of your customers’ journey without losing track of who did what and where. At the end of the day, this data trove will be tremendous for your next individualised promotion, campaign, and birthday specials to bring those shopping cart hoarders to your physical store to finally check out.

Retail and ecommerce should work together through O2O.

Your ecommerce app is not a separate store but an essential part of the purchasing journey of your retail customers and vice versa. Create a seamless brand experience, combine all your resources and start gathering powerful insights with Aillia.

Unlock Endless Potential

See how your loyalty program, ecommerce, mobile app, O2O CRM platform and data-driven promotions can work together to increase your revenue per square foot. 

More Data, Better Service

The built-in CRM and ecommerce dashboard generates insights by showing figures of customer lifetime value, campaign conversion rate, RFM information and more. Make use of your data to create the ideal customer segmentation and send personalised messages to your customers, or as advice for your in-store staff to better serve those customers in real life.

POS-free integration through merchant app

POS integration is not necessary with Aillia’s merchant app. 
You can easily set up a Kiosk in-store so that either your staff can help your customers - or your customers can help themselves to earn points and redeem awards right there and then - and you’ll have gained another loyalty member. 

About us

Aillia is proudly created by Motherapp, an industry leader and award-winning mobile app consulting and development company founded in 2008 back when the iPhone 3G was first launched. We are the pioneers of AI, IoT and UX-driven agile processes in Hong Kong. 

Motherapp has a large portfolio of projects such as ecommerce app, customer loyalty app, CRM software and O2O platform. We build Aillia from scratch with our years of experience.